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Saturday, September 19, 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Winnipeg, Manitoba Chapter of the Iron Order MC.  Please take some time and show us some love on our guestbook.  Note that all entires will be moderated for proper content.  

-- Last Call Crew --

Roadkill 12/24/2018
I miss all of you brothers, cant wait to see you at our anniversary party. Much Love and Respect . MBBM IOFFIO
Bemidji, Minnesota
United States
Thanks brother were looking forward to it

Gord 8/12/2018
Just noticed your page and wanted to say great pages you set up and Am interested in attending some rides if your up just plain riders .
Winnipeg , Mb
Thanks someone will reach out soon

Toba 6/1/2017
I will wear my home province shirt with pride!!! Hope y'all made it home safe and sound!! Much love and respect Toba
Crestview, Florida
United States

Tim Kapitan 6/1/2016
Hello to your Winnipeg Chapter

Tequila 5/31/2016
I want to thank the brothers that welcomed me into the brotherhood Friday morning at Nats during my patch in. You helped make that a moment i will never forget.
Thank you all!
Coralville, Iowa
United States

hydro 1/17/2016
Awsome anniversary party! Congratulations! !!
Love & Respect
MN SR/ Big Wood CP TRU
Brainerd, Minnesota (MN)
United States
Thanks for coming brother

Avenger 7/21/2015
Just stopping in to say hello brothers badd ass webpage
Laurel, De
United States

Rick Nesgaard 1/29/2015
just taking a look. Have a chapter here in Sudbury who I am in touch with via a work associate. I'm hoping to do some riding with the local this summer. L8r

Thanks for dropping us a line hope all works out and safe travels Rick
Sudbury, ON

UNO 1/19/2015
Hey brothers just wanted to say hi.

Hey Uno thanks for thinking of us that are freezing our you know what off here in the cold. Hope you are having better weather then us eh!
Appleton , Wisconsin
United States

Vader 11/22/2014
Just requested info on gear.your page is cool as hell.very nice!L&R from guillotine crew in delaware.

Hi Vader send us a email and let me know what you are looking for!
laurel, de
United States


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