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Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Welcome to the Aberdeen, Washington COAST CREW chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club.  The Iron Order MC consists of bikers who share a strong brotherhood.  This MC is our chosen family, which we support, trust, honor and respect through all situations we encounter.  The Iron Order MC is totally independent and does not allow anyone to dictate as to whom we choose as members.  Our memberships include brothers from all walks of life with a shared commonality of being law abiding, productive citizens.  Our choice is to live respected and die regretted.

Our MC is run by the same MC rules which were started over 50 years ago.  We operate under strict by-laws, obey all laws and support our communities by sponsoring community events. 

We are a traditional MC and share the love of riding motorcycles with our brothers and having the values and protocols of a traditional MC.  We are law abiding and respect those who have earned our respect.  We fear no one, claim no territory and cause no problems.  If you agree with our core values, seek us out, get to know us and form your own opinion if we are right for you, or we are not what you are looking for. 

Know that to become a member of the IOMC you must spend time as a hang around so you can get to know us and we can get to know you.  If you make the grade you can become a prospect and it is up to you to earn your patch. 



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