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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Thank you for taking the time to check out the Vero Beach Florida - True Crew Chapter of the Iron Order MC. Please take a moment to sign our guestbook and let us know you were here. Fill in the fields and click submit. Please note that your entry will not be immediately visible. Someone will review your entry for appropriate content and approve.

- True Crew -

Archbishop 8/13/2015
  Love and Respect for my brothers !! We love you too Brother!!!
Seminole, Florida

Latasha Thompson 7/29/2015
  Hey I'm looking for Joseph wattam he is an old buddy of mine that used to ride down I'm gulf shores. He is not down in this neck of the woods. Sorry.
Loxley , Al
United States

Josh Wright 7/2/2015
  Any activity in Sebring? Closest Chapter is in Lakeland. If you need more information let me know.
Sebring , FL
United States

Don Filipiak 5/29/2015
  Looking for a real club. We have attempted to reach out to you. If you are still interested please let us know. Thank you.
United States

Michael Wimberly 5/27/2015
  I hang around the Broke Bastards. Look forward to meeting members from your chapter. Reach out to us at the next venue. Would love to meet you.
Merritt Island, Florida
United States

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