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SouthWest Iron Chapter Guestbook
Danielle Wheeler 1/19/2016
Nice to know try there are good clubs out there
Garden City,
United States

Jeremy Arbogast 6/1/2015
Had a blast at Hill Side this past weekend. It was a pleasure to meet so many members and their friends and family. More than happy to do my part and lend a hand when ever you need me.
Garden City KS,
United States

Tinman 2/6/2014
Just stopping by


Shawn Bradshaw 1/9/2014
Stumbled across this page. Then I tripped on my lip as my jaw hit the floor. Your club sounds exactly like what I've been looking for. I'm not aware if anyone I know is a member. But I'm very interested. Would love to catch up with a brother to learn more.
Sublette, Ks,
United States

Gunner 6/22/2013
Looking for a place to crash , couch or floor space. Derringer and I will be there Sat July 27 for the BIG party. Sorry we can't make it down on Friday.
Kansas City Missouri,

Solo 3/26/2013
Brothers and others....... keep checking up on our event calender, as I'm updating it daily. Also, i need past pictures..... it looks like we've been sitting around with our thumb in our collective ass!!

Expendables MC Kansas 7/24/2012
Just wanted to say thank you. We were on a ride on July 21st and were fueling up in Wakeeney KS and just as we were about to leave a member of your club came out and gave each one of our members a bottle of water and said it was compliments of the Iron Order MC and for us to ride safe. We really appriciated that and he represented your club honorably. It was truly appriciated with the temps climbing into the 109 degree range that day. Thanks again and anytime you guys are in Russell Kansas or passing through look us up so we may return the favor.

Sincerily, T-Rex
Expendables KS MC President
Russell, KS,
United States

Dovon Schuetz 7/11/2012
I have had the pleasure of riding with some of your club members. I am friends with prospect Steve and Pipewrench. I recently turned in my cut with motorcycle ministries. I learned alot while riding with Spiritus Gladius but it was time to move on. I am interested in your club would like the chance to learn more about the southwest chapter.
Garden City,
United States

David Cook "Prospect D" 5/25/2012
Had a wonderful meet and greet with Sombra and El Gato this evening. I greatly appreciate the time and effort for this short notice get together. It is great to get to know some Brothers in the neighborhood. I will ensure I look you up when I am in the neighborhood.
Swarthmore, PA,
United States

Steve keim 4/15/2012
I have talked to Pete a few times about ur club. Just wanted to say sounds like its a tight brotherhood club. I recently lost my brother to the interstate and want to do a fund raising ride. Just figured ur club has done one before. I need to know if there r any legal things I need to know about it. Hate to raise money and have the government step in and take their part. Know what I mean. Thx man
garden city,
United States

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