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Salt Lake City Guestbook
Sandbag 10/19/2014
To my Brothers at Iron Desert...the loss your feeling is also being felt by me here in Southern Maryland. krazymon was the first Brother that reached out to me when I can to visit. I'm honored to have spent my 50th birthday at your club house two years ago and Krazymon was part of that milestone in my life. I love you my Brothers and I love Krazymon....GBNF!!!!

Southern Maryland,
United States

Grit 10/19/2014
Condolences Brothers for your loss. Nothing can ever replace a lost Brother. But his memory will always be there for you. R.I.P. Krazymon GBNF
San Antonio,
United States

Marco 10/19/2014
GBFN RC Brother Krazymon. Much L&R to the Iron Desert Crew.
San Antonio, TX,
United States

Devon 8/4/2014
You guys are amazing , thankful for you everyday
United States

Jabber 7/31/2014
I would like to thank Doorframe and all of the other members, prospect and ol' ladies for taking me, my brothers and our ol' ladies in during this difficult time in our club. Thank you for dinner and a short relief from the hospital.
El Cajon,
United States


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