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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Welcome to the Aces & 8's Crew Chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club, home base in Paris, KY. The Chapters origination date is March 20th, 2009, originally known as The Black & Blue Crew, now known as ACES & 8's Crew. We are an indipendent MC and do not belong to any associations. The Iron Order was founded on 7/4/2004, Independence Day, in Jeffersonville Indiana. It is fitting that our Club Anniversary is celebrated on the same day as our great country's Independence Day since our Club is totally independent and beholden to none, to follow our own destiny truly free from all others rules and protocols.

Our Brothers come from all walks of life and many different occupations. We are Brothers and bikers and we hold that bond sacred. We are NOT weekend riders, we ARE an MC, a 3 piece MC, NOT a riding club. We are law abiding, we respect all but fear none.

If what we are is what you're looking for use the Contact link and drop us an email, if you see us out rolling, come over and meet us.

We mind our business and hope others do the same. We defend our Brothers our Club and our right to do what we want that is our legal right to do.

♦ Thanks for stopping by our Chapter website.  Please take a moment to sign our GUESTBOOK and let us know you were here!

♦ Aces&8's 10 years strong. March 20th 2019. Here to stay!




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