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Nashville GuestBook
Jason 3/14/2014
I play pool with Rackem and he took the time to explain the club and the brotherhood y'all have. I really appreciated his time and all that you stand for. I am up for it. One day when I have the time, I will seek you out and see what happens. Until then...Cheers.
Whites Creek, TN
United States

Boo Boo 2/21/2014
hey brothers. Making my way up to Dirty South Crew from my Caribbean Pirates Home. Hope I can get by the 5150 crew and meet some of y'all during my 2 weeks in Tennessee. Cheers brothers, Boo Boo
Kralendijk, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean

Bill B. 10/26/2013
Just finished reading your FAQ page, absolutely outstanding is all I can say. I love how it is broken down for even the simple minded to understand. I’m currently laid up with a broken leg (not bike related). Just got relocated to Nashville and once I can get back in the saddle I look forward to meeting any of you to carry on this conversation.
Nashville, TN
United States

Bill 3/25/2013
Very interested, your creed and Philosophy is "AWESOME!"
Hendersonville, Tn
United States

Prospect Paul Devils Den NJ 12/31/2012
I just wanted to stop by and wish all full patches and prospects alike a very Happy , Healthy, and Prosperous New Year! I'm am proud to be a part of the greatest MC in the world.
United States


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