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The Nashville Tennessee Chapter of the IOMC was founded in July of 2006. We the "Nashville 51/50 Crew" pride ourselves on being a solid chapter in the Iron Order Motorcycle Club. We are a law-abiding club yet we are very traditional as a Men's only MC. Our primary goals are to foster a strong Brotherhood of men that are always there for each other. Striving to help each other to be better men. We of course love motorcycles, the open road and the parties those roads lead us to and from.

If you live in or around Nashville and are interested in membership, or just have questions you can contact us at: 


          We commit, first and foremost, to the value of brotherhood, the fundamental connection that holds our members together. The members of the Iron Order consider themselves a close family. Regardless of circumstances, adversity or challenge, that family holds together, helps its brothers succeed and endures from the moment of its conception until death. It is an idea, a belief, and therefore it cannot die, not as long as there are good men to carry on and pass it on to the next generation.

                            Do you have what it takes? 


 The IOMC never asks permission to exist, we will never claim territory. Our State rockers simply show the world where we are from. The IOMC is entirely independent although we have a sister club the IRMC. We do not belong to any associations and never will. We mind our own business and expect others to do the same.
                 It is so very important that we, as Brothers, all have the same “vision”, of what the IOMC is all about. We all must understand the SAME things about what the IOMC is and stands for. The basic tenants of the IOMC are that we are law-abiding, we are a Brotherhood and that we stand for the righteousness of MEN.
Becoming a Member of the IOMC
The IOMC is a traditional MC and therefore follows a strict protocol for attaining membership. Once you have expressed a serious interest by meeting and finding out more about us and us learning more about you we may invite you to be a prospective member in our club; membership into our chapter is invitational and must be earned. It is a multi-level procedure that should and often does take many months to complete. Across the IO Nation, every chapter is unique in its own right, but they all follow this similar layout. The length of time it takes to go through each stage and thus the entire process will vary depending upon the individuals involved, but understand this; it is a rite of passage and it will take you a good while to complete it. Nothing worthwhile ever comes easily!
 Not everyone is cut out for, or may not be, a good fit for our Club. Membership is not easily attained and if you make it, you will have earned it. We thank you for your interest in our Club and chapter and look forward to seeing you around. Good luck.



IOMC 51/50 Crew

Nashville TN



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