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Thursday, June 24, 2021


Louisville Chapter Guestbook
Eric Anderson 4/9/2017
Meet gnome yesterday at bluegrass Harley-Davidson and wanted to check you guys out.
United States

Big Cell 3/27/2017
Just love the info and the history the fact that you even a dressed some of the questions was more than amazing again, thanks
United States

Mark Thorn 3/10/2017
Been looking for a brotherhood like this. I'm a vet, a truck driver and a biker. Loyal to the core. I handle my business and cover my brothers 6 but I'm not really 1%er material. Definitely interested in a meet with members in the area to find out more about the club and see if you would be interested in me as a member. MLH&R
United States

Bill 9/30/2016
Chatted with one of your SGT at Arms at Shell in Sellersburg a month or two back. Im finally back on two wheels. I'll buy you all a round sometime. Be safe!
United States

Dave Mills 9/24/2016
Curious about the club, found your site and thought I leave my mark and say hi.

Josh Roeseler 3/28/2016
Hey guys, I've seen that you have opened a new Club House here in Madison and was going to stop by, but figured I'd research first. After what I've read about the Iron Order I think I may just do that so I can meet you in person. Until then Ride Hard and Free!!
United States

Mike (DC) Bankes 3/7/2016
Look me up when ya all come thru Murray Ride Hard / Back down to no one.
United States

Julia Griffis Schultz 3/3/2016
Puff's other family, he was blessed to have you.
United States

John (JDawg) Paey 1/31/2016
Live, Love and Die Free!

Godspeed my friends, your not alone. Keep spreading the love and guarding the gates of freedom. (and keep the party going....)
United States

Julia Beaupapillon 1/28/2016
Awesome web site, awesome club! :)
United States


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