Tuesday, February 25, 2020
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Lawton, OK Omega Crew Guestbook
Andrew 9/5/2014
I work up at the plant and ride with a few brothers up here. We are always looking for poker runs to participate in and I wanted to ask if you guys know of some up coming ones? Thanks.
United States

Scott 9/2/2014
Would like more info on MC
Fletcher, Oklahoma
United States

Cecelia ann baker kemerling (CECE) 7/27/2014
Looked at Lawtons news website and saw your story about donating fans. I'm glad to see there are good people helping others. Bikers use to have bad reputations back in the day if u were born in the 1950's then u know what I am talking about. I've always believed as with anything else there are good and bad. Your the good. God bless you all. Oh also I lived in Lawton till I was n 4th grade. And then moved back in 1977 and left. But still have family and friends there. That why I have online news for lawton.
Oklahoma city, Oklahoma
United States

Nacole 6/14/2014
Invitation to Old Settlers Independence Day Festival and Motorcycle Bug Run. June 28th registration at Billingsley Ford in Lawton, OK at 3pm. Cash prize. Can email flyer to you if you reply to my above email. Thanks Nacole
snyder, ok
United States

Phil Kundes 6/3/2014
I would be interested in getting more information on your group.
Lawton, Oklahoma
United States


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