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Sin City Guestbook
Crunch 4/16/2013
Brothers I will be in Vegas on May 16th to the 18th for work and to see family get a hold of me so we can meet and maybe grab some beers.

Old Town Crew
Temecula, Ca

Framed IOM 4/6/2013
Hey Brothers we are planning a trip to the lower 48's at the end of OCT begening of November. We would like to come out and meet the local brothers n Maidens. Not definate on the dates yet but will be sure to keep you updated...

Framed IOM
Far and Frozen Crew, Anchorage, Alaska
Wasilla, Alaska
United States

Ruffneck 3/17/2013

I will be coming out to Vegas in the near future for a few days, I will be on duty most of the time, but will try to make some downtime to meet with y'all and have a beer or two.

Looking forward to meeting my Vegas Brothers,

L & R,
SAA War Party Crew, OKC

Oklahoma City, War Party Crew, OK

Tortuga 9/27/2012
Hey Brothers. Thanks for hosting us last weekend. It was a fun weekend I hope to do soon. I think we owe your prospect a pony... Love you brothers. We will see you soon.

San Diego, California

Wobble 8/2/2012
Hey Brothers, this is Wobble, VP of the HellHound Crew in Arkansas. My maiden and I are coming to Vegas at the end of October for te SEMA show and we will also be getting married there. I'd like to meet up with some of you Brothers and hang out. Let y'all show us what Vegas really has to offer. Email me at or shoot me a text or phone call at 501-326-1768. Thanks Brothers, looking forward to meeting y'all in a couple months.

Sherwood, Arkansas

Kingpin 6/4/2012
Thank you to the Sin City Brothers for putting me up for the night on my return from Nationals. I got to meet Brother Lost. Sorry I didn't get to meet the others, but I came in after 10p.m. I know we will hook up in the near future and ride!

Love and Respect to All,
Everywhere, ALL OVER
United States

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