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Swamp Rats Guestbook
Nailer 11/22/2014
Miss the hell out of you guys! I'm Hoping to come up soon. Much L&R
Lakewood Ranch, Florida
United States

Ross 9/27/2013
I read your response to my last post, I'd really like to stop by sometime. How can I get in contact with you guys?

Ross, an e-mail has been sent to you.Give us a call.
Ludowici, GA

Prospect Roger 9/26/2013
I'm Prospect Roger from the Jesup, Ga. SwampRat Chapter of IOMC. After more than a year of hanging around this great group of brothers, I have made it a goal to become a Full Patched Brother of the SwampRats. The brothers of this chapter are hard working family guys who always go the extra mile to help a charity recipient, a family member, a brother/sister or just about anyone in their time of need. Case in point.....This past Saturday, the 21st, my wife and I were riding in a benefit hosted by the Backwoods Chapter of IOMC in Statesboro and the SwampRats were in attendance. After an accident, my wife ended up in the hospital with a broken leg in 3 places and my ride is ruined. We will never be able to show our appreciation for their unconditional support and outpouring of love towards this Prospect and his wife. We are thankful to be a part of such a wonderful family. Did I mention that these brothers love to RIDE???
Portal , Georgia
United States

Hitman 8/19/2013
Great riding and talking with you guys while paying tribute to Sgt. Smith. Hope to ride with yall again soon. Let us know if you can make our Toys 4 Tots ride Oct. 19th.
Brunswick, GA
United States

Ross 8/12/2013
Just wanted to stop by to say that I enjoyed meeting some of you at the funeral of SGT Smith and say thank you for your support to his family. I know they appreciated it. You seem like a cool group of guys and I hope to meet up with you again.

Message to Ross : Thank you for your participation too. We were honored to be able to show our support for him and his family during this awful time.It was a great turn out by the community and was nice to see all the different MC's participating. Hope to see you around. Give us a call and come hang out with the Swamp Rats
Ludowici, ga
United States

Sledge 7/21/2013
Had a great time with you guys welcoming home Stagedive from the big sandbox. Always a pleasure to be around you guys and look forward to many more. Sledge - VP - Legionnaires, Blackshear!
Blackshear, Georgia
United States

Amanda 7/15/2013
I just wanted to give a thank you to someone. I just got back from Afghanistan a week ago. Two days ago my family and I were in a restaurant in Jesup, GA and I just happen to be in uniform. Someone who went by "Grampuh" from your club paid for my families meal. I dont even know who he was or what he looks like but he left me a note with the waitress. I know that your club must be of a great size but if there is a possibility of anyone knowing who he is, a HUGE thank you to him would be greatly appreciated. Thank you and much respect to your club.

( Note from the Swamprats: Thank you for your comments. Grampuh is a valued stand-up Brother in our Chapter. It does not surprise me he did this as this is the kind of person he is and a great example of what our Brotherhood and club is about.)
Ludowici, Ga.

Hood 6/2/2013
I just wanted to come by and say you all have a solid crew and I thoroughly enjoyed the bike night in Waycross. IOFFIO and as always MBBM.
Valdosta, Georgia
United States

TBONE 6/1/2013
I had a great time at Applebees in Waycross at IRON ORDER MC Jesup Ga. chapter's bike nite. really was made to feel welcome and made some new friends and bros. this was my first time around you guys but not my last! was good to meet all the jesup and bwk chapter brothers, and looking forward to hanging with you guys again ! TBONE-LEGIONNARES , BLACKSHEAR GA.
United States

Eli 2/7/2013
Sending some luv from the DIRTY. Enjoy the ride this weekend. Drink copious amounts of adult beverages for me.
Kandahar, KAF


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