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Rolling Bones Guestbook
Sky Alkire 1/19/2018
Hey y'all, just seeing if you were are still around. I drive up and down 41.

Yes, we’re still around.
Crawfrodsville, Indisna
United States

HonkyKong 12/10/2017
Talked to Rigid today about the club! Cant stop thinking about the club! How do I become a prospect?
Huntingburg, IN
United States

Cory 9/13/2017
Man. Think you guys are hardcore ive always wanted tl ride, and join a respectable club. But wouldnt even know where to start

Cory, you need to start by getting experience on a motorcycle. That's what the club revolves around. Thank you for your interest.
Evansville, Indiana
United States

Geets Morell 4/13/2017
Just checking out your page
Evansville, in
United States

DirtyDan 12/21/2016
Just stopping in to show some love.
Anywhere, Where ever
United States

Edward Rister 11/21/2016
Would like to know more about joining your MC
Mt. Vernon, Indiana
United States

DirtyDan 11/18/2016
Just stoping in to show some love my brothers. IOFFIO/RBFFRB
Any town, Any state
United States

Timmy2X 7/3/2014
God Bless the IOMC. IOFFO/MBBM
Woodbridge, VA
United States

Tim 4/7/2014
I have talked to several of y'all over the last year or so and have great respect for how you work with and interact with the other m/c. And clubs.I look forward
To a great year.
Your friend Tim, VICE-PRESIDENT, WORD WARRIORS. Local chapter of C.M.A.
Evansville, In
United States

Justin 3/23/2014
Just want to join or some information about it
Princeton, Indana
United States


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