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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

The Iron Order  Motorcycle Club Elk River - NRG Crew Chapter is a proud member of an International MC. Our chapter started in 2013 by a group of men that were looking for something different; a Brotherhood stronger than anything they had been involved in before.  We ended up with a group of motorcycle enthusiasts from all walks of life that share like minds and the goal of riding anywhere at anytime.  We love to ride motorcycles and promote the "old school" ethics and values of clubs of the past, all while placing our families and jobs first.  For it is without these things in life that we cannot succeed.  We enjoy riding long and hard just to look for a local watering hole, and are happy to make friends with all walks of people along the way.  Our membership is comprised of business owners, police, military, construction, medical, service workers, and many other professions.  We ride on our terms and stand by the values and rights given to us by the founding fathers of this great nation.  This may not always be the popular road, but it is the road we shall defend.  Feel free to take a look around, sign our GUESTBOOK or if you are interested in speaking with someone feel free to CONTACT US.  Thank you for stopping by!

♦  March 2015 - Welcome to our new website.  Please take a moment to sign our GUESTBOOK and let us know you were here.

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