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Monday, May 25, 2020


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john mcglaughn 9/7/2015
Saw a couple of your members on my way riding up to Alabama and just wanted to see what you were all about. Impressive club, and really like what you do for others. Hopefully see some of you at Thunder Beach. We'd like to raise a glass or two with you
Fort Walton Beach, FL
United States

Jesse 8/17/2015
Just stoppin by to say hi! Looks like you guys have a lot of fun in your club! Rock on!
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Archbishop 12/21/2014
Love and respect to my Crestview brothers ! IOFFIO
Seminole, Florida

Ranga 11/5/2014
Just wanted to say hi to my Crestview Brothers. I was accually born there. and if you meet a Hatcher anywhere around there, yeah its my kin. Anywho, hiya brothers
Pflugerville, Texas
United States

Belli 10/20/2014
I think I saw your Pres today and I just wanted to see what you guys were all about..... Hope to see you all behind the throttle and on the road!
Niceville, Florida
United States

Shane 7/29/2014
I remember seeing a kickass bike and a sick cut. I appreciate the ideals, bonds of brotherhood, and perceptions from the main site. Thought i'd drop by and sign a guestbook.
Fort Walton Beach, fl
United States

Juno 7/18/2014
IOMC Crestview rocks area families again. For the second year in a row, the Annual Poker Run has been a success for FamiliesFirst Network. With such tight budgets these days, there are many extras that our families need that we have no funds for. With IOMC Crestview's help, we will be able to meet some of those needs from their second very generous donation to the agency. This partnership is absolutely awesome. They even honored me by making me an Honorary Iron Maiden. They never cease to amaze and delight me. Love to the brothers and sisters who make this possible every year. Always a supporter, Juno
Pensacola, FL
United States
http://Wendy's Wonderful Kids FamiliesFirst Network

Griff 7/3/2014
Like what you all stand for and like the classic throwback to the 50s and 60s era. I'd like to hang out sometime, maybe meet up at an event. Active duty military within 18 months of retirement eligibility.
Niceville, FL
United States

davy 3/24/2014
smashing wee site guys respect from scotland. alba gu brath
airdrie, scotland
United Kingdom

Sid 3/1/2014
Currently active duty military and will be medically separating due to some injuries soon. Taking my family to crestview area when we leave Guam. I look forward to meeting up with ya'all once we get settled in. Hope three wheels will be as fun as I had on two; due to injuries had to sell my hog and will be looking for a cornfed 3 wheeled version (AKA trike), lol. Gotta keep the wind in my face somehow…
Andersen AFB, Guam
United States


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