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Tuesday, January 21, 2020



Welcome to the South Side Bastards chapter of the Iron Order Motorcycle Club located in South Hampton Roads, Virginia. We are Brothers. We are Bikers. We come from all walks of life and every profession. We Ride, we party, we laugh, we grieve, we take care of our Brothers, Maidens, and families, and we still have time to take care of those in our communities that need our help.

We are an independent MC and do not belong to any associations. Our colors are earned and we wear them proudly. We respect all but fear none. If you see us out on the road, come over and meet us. We fly the Virginia state rocker as an indication of where we are from; not to claim territory.

We ride on our terms and stand by the values and rights given to us by the founding fathers of this great nation. This may not always be the popular road, but it is the road we have chosen.

If you are looking for a tight Brotherhood and love the biker lifestyle or if you're curious and want more info or have questions, use the contact link and drop us an email.


The South Side Bastards Chapter of the Iron Order has enjoyed continued celebrations during this holiday season. Once we say goodbye to 2019 we will be focused on preparing for our Ten Year Anniversary. Thanks to all those who continue to support us! We are looking forward to more awesome times with our Brothers, Maidens & Friends!

- Contact your local Bastard for more information. 

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