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Thursday, June 24, 2021

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Mel 6/23/2014
Great time at the Annual Barbacue. Great bunch of men, women and children. Hope to see you a lot in the future.

Thank you for the invite.

Carson City, Nv
United States

Professor 11/14/2013
Good Morning Brothers,

I had to return home to attend a funeral, and as is the norm my wife put my mail on my computer desk, as I was going through it I found that I had a letter from the Redlight Crew, I opened it up and read your note and saw the coin. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the Redlight Crew for thinking of me, and for carrying on the IO tradition of regular bikers being in a Club, modeled around biking and brotherhood. I look forward to seeing as many of you at Internationals as possible, and if my travels will allow me to visit CC we will break bread and have a cool one. I will carry your coin as a sign of the respect you have for the club and for me. Much Love and Respect,
Original 8
Louisville, Kentucky
United States

Prospect Dave Cantwell 9/23/2013
Prospect Dave from Old Town Crew in Temecula, CA here, I'm in Tahoe on vacation and wanted to say hello to the Carson City patch holders. Hope to see you out on the road!
Riverside, Ca
United States

Jim(Radar) 6/17/2013
Checking out the site,looking good !! Hey Torch !email me
Fallon, NV.
United States

Highlander 5/22/2013
Wanderer: Great meeting you at Carson Harley and looking forward to to meeting Rocco this Friday! Great website as well as a GREAT club! Hope I can prospect for you!
Fallon, Nv
United States


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