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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Burlington MA Freedom Crew Guestbook
John Power 7/26/2016
I was just checking out your club looks like a good group

Thanks John, hope to see you on the road.
Reading, Ma
United States

Taryn Pacheco 11/4/2015
My husband is selling his '99 Kawasaki Ninja - Kandy Apple Red - House of Kolor - with 2,560 original miles.

Thought I would post in case anyone in this club knows anyone who might be interested...
Lowell, MA
United States

cal 8/30/2015
seen some of the guys around new bedford. checked the web site. you local? not much of a talker but ill chat up the next member i see.
new bedford, Massachusetts
United States

Scott 6/15/2015
Great group of guys went on a ride with them Sunday and met some of the guys from other chapters they are a tight group but they make you feel right at home. Check them out
Westford, Ma
United States

Freedom 3/30/2015
Are you supported from the masons????

Freedom, we do not have support clubs nor do we support other clubs. We respect those who respect us.
Swanseea , Mass
United States


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