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Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean Guestbook
Chalkman 7/10/2013
Hey Brother Cheezy, thanks for stopping by the web site. You gotta come down and see the clubhouse first hand though to really appreciate it LOL. Congratulations on your new web site as well from the far south to the far north...the greatest MC in the world.
Kralendijk Bonaire,

Cheezy 7/9/2013
Hey Chalkman,
I was just checking out your web page. Looks great. We just got our up and running as well. Look under International, Canada, Alberta. I love the club house Brother
Edmonton, alberta,

Chalkman 6/30/2013
Hey Professor, thanks for dropping by. Enjoyed seeing you at Intl. as well. Glad you like the stogie. Much L&R
Kralendijk Bonaire,

Professor 6/30/2013
Hey Brothers just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I enjoyed seeing you this year, taking a pic and the great Cigar! Non better!!!
Original 8
United States

Chalkman 6/1/2013
Brothers Cheezy and Johnny Reb, it was a great Intl. rally. Was good seeing you both and looking forward to a total blow out next year for the 10th. Much L&R


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