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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Thank you for your interest in the Iron Order MC.  Please use the CONTACT US page if you are inquiring about membership or have a question.  Otherwise please fill out the form below and click submit.  Please note that your entry will not be immediately visible.  All entries are moderated for appropriate content.  

Iron Order MC International

Joshua willhite 7/21/2017
Had the honor of riding with some great guys
Picayune , Ms
United States

Daniel Cree 7/18/2017
Greetings to all brothers, sisters and Prospects of the iomc. I expressed my interest in joining a motorcycle club to one of your very own prospects,Bubba explain to me what your ideals in short what you're all about to check it out on the website, this is exactly what I'm looking for in a club. I am a 43 year old 37 year motorcyclist I grew up in the state of New Jersey and packed up my 88 GL1500 with a sign on the back that said Florida or bust, put the kickstand down in August of 2000 in Jacksonville been here ever since. Thank you all for reading sincerely, Daniel Cree
Jacksonville, Fl
United States

Stephen(IOP) 7/10/2017
To the Iron militia crew, Dayton Ohio
You have taken me in as a prospect, and are reminding me the ways of true brotherhood--Back to basics. The knowledge base from ALL the members is preparing me on my journey with the IOMC. Special thanks to ALL the Members in my current prospective chapter. Se ial thanks to (Elf) and (Pony) from Gretna NE Cannonball crew where Iam moving too in two short months for their professional guidence and assistance at this time. As a veteran, former MC member OIG, and current prospective member, Im glad I decided to join the best damn club--and cross paths with some very kindred souls, that exude and surpass everything I was looking for. A very well "oiled machine". Thank you all
Dayton, Ohio
United States

Roger Corley 7/7/2017
I have been looking around your site since I saw some of your members in Gloucester Mass. Looks like a great club.
Deatsville, Alabama
United States

Donald morford jones 6/30/2017
Just wanted to drop a line and say howdy !! I've been reading your page and FAQ section , this sounds like exactly what I've been searching for , I'm an army vet, i understand the true meaning of brotherhood and character, it seems as though I've come across a family that knows the same !! That's refreshing!! I hope to be found in good favor.
Marysville , Ohio
United States

Stacey Wilson 6/30/2017
Huge thank you to Pinky! My daughter had two flat tires this morning and he stopped to help her. It's good to know there are amazing, kind, helpful people left in this world. Thank you so much!
Appleton , Wisconsin
United States

Connie Lucas Slone 6/26/2017
I'm Connie Lucas Slone, Fred "Harley" Slone's Momma. Y'all call him "Reject" from the Big Stone Gap, VA Hillbilly Crew. First of all, I wanna let u know I LOVE ALL of y'all. Second, thank y'all for coming together as Brothers during the loss of my son, Reject, when he died from a motorcycle accident on April 26, 2017. People like y'all, brought me and my family comfort during this difficult time. Thank you soooo much for been his biker family and watching over him and taking care of him. He loved y'all. I never realized the brotherhood u shared together and how many people's life he touched. THANK YALL for the donation toward his headstone and once it is purchased and set, I'll post a pic. Thank you for inviting us when u memorized his vest at the beautiful Memorial Service u held in his memory. I pray you will invite God in your life and be a witness for him in this journey we call life. Ride safe and please observe the cages around you. My prayers are with u daily as u ride and enjoy your day. Please always hold a prayer before your ride in memory of my son. Again thank you for all u did and all whom took time from their day and family to attended the funeral services.
Bean station, TN
United States

Tim fisher 6/22/2017
Like the mc's vision y'all around wytheville give a shout I'll ride with ya
Wytheville, Virginia
United States

christen rogers 6/18/2017
I am Michael Careys aunt. You all call him Wazowski. I want to thank you for being Michael's family when he was so far away from home. It gives us such comfort to see how many lives he touched. Thank you for watching out for him and his wife and baby and for all you do and stand for.
Auntie Christen
Sacramento, CA
United States

Chris | Hangaround - Death Grip 6/18/2017
Just got back from the PA state party. The Iron Order MC had treated me good.

I had ridden up with the president and arrived on Friday. I talked to a lot of people while I was there. It was nice.

A brother welcomed me into his RV, introduced me to his family and gave me a drink. He spoiled me with some cherry rum/cola. If you are reading this, thank you. I felt right at home.

I spoke to many of the members there, listened to them, and learned a lot. I decided to help them throughout the weekend. They where nice guys, and the iron maidens there where welcoming as well. I had an amazing time.

No matter what state they where from, they where all good people.

I would do this again anytime. I look forward to riding again with IOMC and their next party.

~ Chris, Hang-around of Death Grip
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania
United States

Michael 6/17/2017
I met SMF today, seemed like a good guy. Ride safe, and may God bless you
grand saline, Texas
United States

Dom Romero 6/16/2017
I believe my cousin Jimmy was a seargeant of arms in your Jersey chapter. He died of cancer. Shout out to his brothers in the Order
Allentown , Pa
United States

John Bowman 6/15/2017
Wanted to give props to the IOMC. Attended a few Bike Nights and a Firehouse water run with the Fort Worth chapter (Cowtown Hooligans). Also met some of your Brothers from the Dallas and Denton chapters as well. Stand up guys through and through. Keep the rubber side. /Salute to the IO.
Fort Worth, Texas
United States

Robert Vogel 6/13/2017
I love what you stand for although I am a Honda Rider.
Pataskala, Ohio
United States

Todd Derk 6/13/2017
Had a great time hangin with Punchline, 9quarts, and Slick Rick last night. I hope that I get to hang with yall some more. I feel like i belong here
Peru, Indiana
United States

Brayden 6/9/2017
Can you guys open a charter in lafayette indiana
West Lafayette, Indiana
United States

Chris Johnson 6/8/2017
Been checking out the Iron Order MC for about a year. The brotherhood looks awesome to me and I am compelled to want to be a part of wHat seems to be a great bunch of people. I hope to become a prospect soon.
Terre Haute, Indiana
United States

Wade Long 6/8/2017
Had a good time hanging around Lena's bar with Iron Order outside Sudlersville, definitely a supporter of the club, hopefully more than a supporter in the future!
Crumpton, Maryland
United States

Jeff Richmond 6/1/2017
Hello I was just visiting the site thought I would sign your guest book, I have recently retired from fire service after 20 years, I don't know the brotherhood of an MC, but I do know Brotherhood of Fire Service, you do all for your Brother, you have his back at all times and he has yours. Keep sunny side up, Good lord Willing and creek don't rise, I'll get to meet some of you all some day, hope to meet you all on the road. Safe journeys.
Hernando, Mississippi
United States

Prospect Curt Russell 5/29/2017
Greeting's Patch Holders and Prospects.
I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to "The Hill" chapter, Spring Hill, Fl. for finding in me the qualities the IOMC looks for when selecting and allowing a man to prospect for the IOMC nation.
It was an honor to attend my 1st Nationals Rally this week, we rode up from Spring Hill and had an absolute great time. I had the privilege of witnessing the strongest Brotherhood and family on earth!
I look forward to one day being permitted to shake the hand and hug every IOMC brother as my own BROTHER.
From my heart.....

Thank you
Prospect Curt Russell
The Hill
Crystal River, Fl
United States


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