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Monday, November 23, 2020


Thank you for your interest in the Iron Order MC.  Please use the CONTACT US page if you are inquiring about membership or have a question.  Otherwise please fill out the form below and click submit.  Please note that your entry will not be immediately visible.  All entries are moderated for appropriate content.  

Iron Order MC International

Byron Nix 10/11/2020
Seems cool......
Meridian, Mississippi
United States

Derek Smith 10/6/2020
Ride on.
Tecumseh , Oklahoma
United States

Michael Rinaldi 10/3/2020
I’m looking for a club to join and this one looks like a good fit. Love the values, brotherhood and contributions to society. Live free ride free!
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
United States

Lisa Dury 10/3/2020
My husband and I just returned from the 1st annual state charity to support special olympics.
This is near and dear to my heart as I have an 8 yr old nephew that has down syndrome. The event was great and thank you guys for all that you do.I was lucky enough to judge a bike race for paralympics. Great group of people. Great charity. Overall a good time . I will be back.
Sumter, SC
United States

Ghost 9/20/2020
Cheers Brothers
Langley , B.C.

Carrie Wolf (mom of Amtrak) 9/20/2020
Want give a shout out to the charter from the area I grew up in, Y-town crew! Thank you so much for meeting with me and making us feel so welcome. I am truly impressed and grateful for the awesome hospitality and respect you have showed us! Thank you!
Greencastle, PA
United States

Carrie Wolf (mom of Amtrak) 9/17/2020
My son is now a brother with the Eternal Chapter. I just want to say how awesome and hospitable Pieces of Eight were when I reached out to meet some brothers outside of the chapter my son was a part of. There have been a few others that ever respond. I appreciate the time Po8 took to meet with me and hear my stories about my son. IOMC gave my son a sense of belonging and I am grateful for that.
Greencastle , PA
United States

Thomas Helms 9/10/2020
Definitely love what the IOMC is standing for. The comrodery of brotherhood runs deep here. I'm from Tiffin Ohio, I see there is a chapter in Willard, not too far at all.
Tiffin, OH
United States

David Herrera 9/9/2020
Looking to see what the club is about
newton falls, OH
United States

Doc 9/7/2020
Checking out what you offer. Ride safe keep the shiny side up.
New Castle, IN
United States

Noel Lopez 9/6/2020
Prospect Noel
Region 1
Granite State Crew- NH
Peace to all!!!
Danbury, New Hampshire
United States

Lura Kurtz 9/2/2020
just cruising thru
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Lura Kurtz 9/2/2020
just cruising thru admiring all the great jobs yall have done
Lexington, Kentucky
United States

Rod Liggett Sr 8/31/2020
meet a few of the members doing a tow for the vehicle and seemed like nice and friendly folks
seymour, in
United States

Chris 8/29/2020
Just saw many of you guys at my buddies Funeral in Lawton, Ok.

Chris "Carnage" Scott.

Thank you for representing.
Portland, Or
United States

David Jones 5/23/2020
My wife and friends met this MC at Yankee’s Tavern on a Saturday. Carbide came up to me to say hi and extend a hand of fellowship. He gave a great representation of his MC.
Beat regards,
Dr. David
Houston, TX
United States

george borden 4/16/2020
Norm “Thresher” Sargent you alone with all members of the silent few have always helped in our community from helping my wife raise money to buy vests for autistic children !! To raising Outstanding contributions for the "Veterans" transition house, also a special thanks to each and every member for their work
new bedford, MA
United States

Damon 3/31/2020
Much respect!!
Colorado springs , Co
United States

Tami Wiberg 1/21/2020
MoJoe , I want to thank you and your club and all the others that did the Benefit Ride for Savannah. What you did for her and the family has really been a Blessing. What happened to Savannah was absolutely the unthinkable, tragic. In this most terrible time, you all gave us all a bit of Faith in Humanity again. Thank you sooo much. I’ll remember you. Take care and Ride Safe.
Waynesville , North Carolina
United States

Donnie Kennedy 1/14/2020
Love you guys and wish I could be a part of your brotherhood.
Gurley, Alabama
United States


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