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Saturday, August 18, 2018


Thank you for your interest in the Iron Order MC.  Please use the CONTACT US page if you are inquiring about membership or have a question.  Otherwise please fill out the form below and click submit.  Please note that your entry will not be immediately visible.  All entries are moderated for appropriate content.  

Iron Order MC International

LeighAnn Prather 8/14/2018
I wanted to say thank you to an Iron Order man “Frogger” that came to my rescue last week. I collapsed at the riverfront and he saw me and came runnin over to help. He was so calm n knew just what to do. I dont no what wouldve happened if he hadnt been there to help me. I was so shook up i didnt get to thnk him enough or get his real name so I hope he will get this and no that Im ok now thanks to him. The world needs more men like that guy. Iron Order has my support if its anything like Frogger!!!!
Jeffersonville, Indiana
United States

Perri Davenport 8/8/2018
On behalf of Easterseals Washington I would like to thank the Olympia Chapter/3rd Chapter Crew for their dedication and service. Their hard work that goes into the annual fundraiser
is greatly appreciated. This year's fund raiser raised more than expected and will help Easterseals serve the disabled community in many ways. Thank you to everyone involved!
Bremerton, WA
United States

Douglas Seiss 8/2/2018
To Whom it may concern - I would like to thank the members of Iron Order MC. for the donation made to Johns Wheels For Wishes Poker Run that was held on July 28th. It was greatly appreciated by the family and everyone involved.I met Megabyte , the Md. state rep. at the campground. He was a terrific person to talk too.
Rocky Ridge, Maryland
United States

Phillip curtis 7/29/2018
I was there when my Uncle Jackie Curtis was escorted to the grave and there were alot of respect shown the bond was great i thank yall for that . I ride myself so maybe one day we can meet again and share a beer or two
Blue ridge , Ga
United States

Larry Hill 7/23/2018
Semper Fi and Marine Corps Dittos to ya'll. I have seen you ride and love seeing the brotherhood and camaraderie.
Lawrenceville, GA
United States

Kevin Shaner 7/21/2018
Found out today, I'm only about 5 miles or so from the clubhouse in Brownsville. Hope to see you all out riding and meet some of the club
Newark, Ohio
United States

Jeff 7/15/2018
I’m a rider myself I was passing through Jeffersonville and ran into a group of riders at a gas station I was wearing my club shirt and these guys had no problem with me at all cool group of guys most times when you run into another club they give you a hard time about your club but these guys were very down to earth I actually wouldn’t mind riding for this club as I respect what they stand for
Lake station, INDIANA
United States

Kammy & Christopher "Native& Foxxy" 357 crew 7/9/2018
Just wanted to stop by and tell you all We miss the true Brother & Sisterhood we found when we were active members , No matter what clubhouse we visited everyone truly felt like family, even at Nationals it was one big family get together, we became members in 2012 and it was awesome , as things happen in life we had to take some time out in was heartbreaking and now is even more so to never see IO in our area I feel they have vanished. Not sure what happen to them here but you still have supporters in this area! , my husband and I are IO brother and sister still in heart always will be, we never rode with out our cuts and we wore them with Pride, This MC will always be the MC we support and feel family connections with.. Thanks for letting me post...L&R Native & Foxxy"
Bedford, Indiana
United States

Manuela 7/8/2018
This evening my husband & I saw 5 of the Knoxville chapter at Flying J on Watt road (Knoxville TN) We were very impressed how respectful they were next to us. I never heard a foul word during their conversations to each other. And one closest to us had a great smile!
My husband is very intrigued and has yet to get the bike he wants.
We were in a rush to get home to family so no real conversation could be had.
We really enjoyed your website and dedication to our country & love of our Constitution!
Knoxville, TN
United States

Samantha smith 7/8/2018
I was at work on Shaw afb and meet a couple who are members and they were so nice and when I asked what the shirt her husband was wearing she actually explained a lot to me and told me I could read more about IOMC. I am glad that there are people like this in this world that stand for what y’all do.
Sumter, Sc
United States

Peggy Clarke 7/7/2018
On Saturday July 7, 2018, I was traveling with my 4 year old grandson from Cheyenne Wyoming to Wellington Colorado. A group of riders from Wyoming passed me. My grandson was in awe and I pulled out behind them to pass a slower moving vehicle. Suddenly a small black car raced up on my right and was ready to cut me off but in doing so he most likely would have caused a horrible accident with your riders. This kept going on for several miles. By then the black car driver was on my right and I was able to point to him and mouth the words stop. He kept running up on my car pulling in and out trying to cut me off. By now I’m shaking, afraid for my grandson, and quite scared. Here’s the really great part... I sped up, got into the right lane and pulled next to the rider in the back of the group. He looked at me and I mouthed “help”. He knodded and gave me “the got my eyes on you sign”. The riders had been watching this going on. I then received an escort to the Wellington exit. I will forever be grateful for the sense of safety that was instilled. Although I may never be able to thank them all in person I want them each to know how much respect and honor I have for them.
Cheyenne , Wyoming
United States

Adam Brown 7/3/2018
Good buddy of mine showed me you guys page. Looking forward to talkin wiith you folks. I know my way around a toolbox
Rosedale , Maryland
United States

Brian Sealy 7/2/2018
Ran into some members at the Forest Lake VFW for their Anniversary Ride. Shared a few drinks and a few laughs. Seemed like a genuinely good group of guys and I had a lot of fun hanging with them.
Forest Lake, MN
United States

jason Focht 6/30/2018
Good to see the brotherhood close to my area.
Rush City, MN
United States

Chandler Abbuhl 6/30/2018
Saw some Brothers at Longhorn's last night. 3 dudes on bikes one in a truck. Hope you guys got home safe. 3 shots and a beer. SEMPER FI.
Statesboro, GA
United States

Richard Olson 6/27/2018
Just checkin' you guys out. Said hi to a couple members while filling up my truck in Belgium,Wi earlier this year, nice guys. It was cold and I was impressed they were riding so early in the year. Made me smile and was jealous as my bikes were still stored,lol! Cool dudes, keep it up!
Fredonia, Wisconsin
United States

Prospect Jeremy Chandler 6/26/2018
Enjoying the connection, meeting lots of great people and in the wind doing it. What more is there to say...Be well!!!
Garland, Texas
United States

Shaun Chavoya “Two Shoes” 6/24/2018
Just stopping by to show my interest in the brotherhood. I saw and spoke with a few of the members in dallas last week on bike night and they seemed like really great people who stand for a great cause. Hoping to have more opportunities to meet everyone.
Dallas, TX
United States

Marco 6/17/2018
Just wanted to stop by and pay respect...Like what I see on your site.I'm just an old biker,no 1% by any means,but not quite a HOG member either.LOL
Dayton, OH
United States

Richard Stone 6/17/2018
Rode on a poker run down around cottondale fl IOMC put in on for a bother of mines bady great bunch of guys had a good ride really thank the guys for doing what they did
Tunnel hill, Georgia
United States


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