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Saturday, March 25, 2017


Thank you for your interest in the Iron Order MC.  Please use the CONTACT US page if you are inquiring about membership or have a question.  Otherwise please fill out the form below and click submit.  Please note that your entry will not be immediately visible.  All entries are moderated for appropriate content.  

Iron Order MC International

Robert Wasyliw 3/21/2017
Hi Brothers and Sisters it is awesome to see the events that you all have been supporting I can almost feel the brotherhood in the photos

Cheers Bob
Ottawa, Ontario

Stephen Ashley 2/27/2017
I want to say thank you to the cullman Alabama chapter for allowing me to prospect and the brotherhood and family setting i am truly blessed to find them
Cullman, AL
United States

Johnny Castillo Castallano 2/27/2017
To Jimmy Bushee Hefner.Congrats son, nice to see you've fallowed in my footsteps Stay true to yourself and your club, again congrats L/Rs. Signed Johnny aka Ant
Phoenix , Arizona
United States

Brandon bolen 2/27/2017
Look forward to learning as much as i can about you guys maybe even meeting you guys someday.
Florence, Kentucky
United States

Tony Day 2/27/2017
Hello to all my Brothers and Sisters who ride. Been riding for years, currently riding a Honda Shadow VT1100T ACE. There is no feeling like the wind in your face riding an open road.
Northport, AL
United States

john cochran 2/21/2017
Enjoy looking into you guys sounds like a hell of a group to be apart of would like to meet some time
el reno, OK
United States

Country Boy 2/14/2017
What's going on fellow brothers and sisters, just seeing what clubs are in Ohio...looking to join one or start my own...I've been riding for 30+yrs, own 2 Harley's (85' softtail custom an 2014 street glide special an a rare 87'custom super magna. I'm in Ohio but ride all year long brothers!! I'll keep my eyes open for y'all!!
Dover , Ohio
United States

Cierra 2/12/2017
I'm friends of a fallen brother and I wanna give my condolences to IO and state how proud I am to have known a man who was apart of the Iron Order family. Y'all are an amazing group of individuals and if I ever start riding a bike, I wouldn't wanna prospect or join any other club. Thank y'all for what you do.
Spring Hill , TN
United States

David Ahrens 2/12/2017
I went on a ride today with my 8 year old son. We took a trip on the James Town Ferry. The Gloucester Virginia Chapter was on board. I was so impressed. I walked over with my son and was greeted like family. I met a man who hugged me and told his name was Prison, I think it was Prison. I met Grease Monkey, Slaughter, and Rudder. I was told to introduce myself and look at the bikes with son. I then saw a man who is a member the served with me in the Army. We also served with his mother in the Army. It impressed me so much to be welcomed like that. I was also impressed to see the variety of motorcycle brands. I ride a Kawisaki Vulcan 2000. I currently ride with the American Legion. I have never considered an MC. But today, changed my mind. Thank you

David Ahrens
Gloucester, Va
Gloucester, Virginia
United States

Carey Day 2/12/2017
I am a long time rider that lives near a small one horse town called pitts in south georgia. Me and my wife were out riding and rode thru pitts and saw a couple bikes parked in town so we stopped. We met a couple IRON ORDER members and found out that they are opening up a clubhouse in the little town of pitts. I think that is really cool to have the IRON ORDER MC pretty much in my back yard. They were nice and invited us to come back. I will definitely be going back to check it out.
Pitts, Georgia
United States

Stephen Ashley 2/8/2017
I spent Friday nite 2\3\2017 and i was very pleased as they welcomed me as family thank u so much
Cullman, AL
United States

bessie pence 2/3/2017
My mame is Bessie Pence never dreamed I would be so interested in the motor cycle club until I met a great guy Mike chieffo he showed me just because your a biker means your a bad guy . mike showed me there is good clubs out there and what a true man is all about . he is my big biker guy who is wild and iron order is a cool group to get to know thanks mike for choosing a plain country gal like me! ''Beth''
pulaski, va
United States

Frogger 1/31/2017
There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.

Lily Pad, Swampville
United States

Matthew Armer 1/29/2017
Amazing website and amazing MC! Looking to get my DYNA really soon and hopefully asking to become a prospect into this great Brotherhood
Seguin, TX
United States

Curt & Danni 1/29/2017
My wife and I truly admire your MC and everything you stand for, would love to have the opportunity to get to meet you folks. We ride and love the open road!
Ride Safe
Crystal River, Fl
United States

Steve Stuttler 1/29/2017

It is hard to put into words how grateful we are for the financial help we received from your club to be able to pay for our grandsons final resting place. I would like to tell you a little bit about our little angel. Our sweet baby Johnathan Covington came in to this world on April 7, 2011 and was diagnosed at 15 months old with Choroid Plexus Carcinoma. Which is a type of brain cancer. The doctors were able to successfully remove his tumor. We thought we were out of the woods but found out that he had a genetic disorder that caused him to develop tumors throughout his body. After 2 years of chemo his cancer went into remission, however a few months later he was diagnosed with MDS (Myelodysplastic Syndrome) which simply put is pre-leukemia.The only cure for MDS is a bone marrow transplant, but a full donor was unable to be found. In March of 2016 our daughter Jessica donated her bone marrow in hopes that a stem cell transplant would work. Unfortunately this did not work and Johnathan's health continued to decline. The doctors tried so many different types of chemo to cure his leukemia and to give us more time with our baby. This past Friday January 20th our baby lost his fight. We were struggling to come to terms with loosing Johnathan along with trying to make his final arrangements when we received the news from Hidey-Ho and Pappy that their chapter the Twisted Iron out of Northern Ky were willing to donate the funds necessary for Johnathan's burial arrangements, this gave relief to the already stressful week that our daughter Jessica and our family were enduring due to Johnathan's passing. You truly have no idea how much your generous gift means to the whole family. I am sure once our daughter is able to come to terms with this you will be receiving a thank you from her also, god bless you, there just are no words to express our gratitude.

Steve and Michelle Stuttler

Independence, Kentucky
United States

Anthony Richardson 1/28/2017
Just checking out seeing what your club is about. Im active duty military and a family man but have a heavy interest in a brotherhood that share the same passion for riding.
Chesapeake , VA
United States

William McNelly 1/22/2017
I am a Hang around and the club is very welcoming to me.
Sumter, South Carolina
United States

Paul Bryan (cooter) 1/21/2017
Got behind some members in traffic, looked your club up and liked what I read would like to inquire more, ride safe every one
Grimesland , NC
United States

Kevin A Sinn 1/13/2017
Hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
I love the work you all do for the charities in each and every State you cover.
I'm on three wheels, but still get to be In The Wind!
Thank You Again from Fairfield (S.E.) Iowa
Kevin (Saddletramp) Sinn
Fairfield, IA
United States


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