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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Thank you for your interest in the Iron Order MC.  Please use the CONTACT US page if you are inquiring about membership or have a question.  Otherwise please fill out the form below and click submit.  Please note that your entry will not be immediately visible.  All entries are moderated for appropriate content.  

Iron Order MC International

charlie p 12/23/2017
I would like to thank all the IRON ORDER chapter members from SW WA. the COLUMBIA RIVER CREW and STEADFAST CREW for letting me hang around and be part of the charitable and community events that you unselfishly sponsored over the christmas holidays and I wish a happy and wonderfull new year for all your family members as well .I would love to be a member of this club
I have never met an M.C. more dedicated to the true meaning of an M,C, than this group thanks again
vancouver, wa
United States

Sue 12/15/2017
I am writing this on behalf of my grandmother. Recently she was at Kwik Trip gas station where she stops to grab groceries. Some kids at the gas station knock stuff out of her hand, a man came up made the kids apologize and then helped my grandmother with the rest of her shopping including putting the groceries in her car. He handed her a card and said if you have any trouble please do not hesitate to call. The cards has a phone number and says Iron Order MC death before dishonor crew Elkhorn Wisconsin chapter president blackjack. On behalf of my grandmother and myself I wanted to thank the iron order Motorcycle Club
Elkhorn , Wi
United States

David wallis 12/13/2017
Really enjoyed your page your club sounds awesome and love that it not a one percent club I do not have time for that type of bs maybe I can visit and check it out thank you
Claremore, Oklahoma
United States

Jonathan King 12/12/2017
Been doing my research and checking out different MC's! You guys are the only MC that promote true brotherhood while living an honest life! Been trying to get down to meet everyone but being that Friday night is open night is tuff! I work till about 11:30pm on Fridays! Still look forward to possibly finding a brotherhood that's real!
Huntingburg , Indiana
United States

Chris 12/6/2017
Just moved to Nodak and looking to get a bike again. Hopefully I will get to know your Nodak crew soon. You guys look like an awesome club.
Williston, North Dakota
United States

Richard Noland 12/4/2017
My brother is a member in ga, I'm in bro keeps talking to me about this group of people and I'm intrested in seeing more
I don't have a harley, love my Yamaha 1100 thou...
Done lots of rides, but never got to involved with any club don't like what I saw. Voctor tells me your different so I will check it out.
Manheim, Pa
United States

Mike Melewski 12/3/2017
Really enjoyed myself last night at the Annual Party in Youngstown. The part that sold me on IOMC is a speech given by a gentleman named “Major”. He spoke of a Brotherhood!!!!! True definition of what that stands for. Ride safe and I’ll be around soon !!!! To all the members that welcomed my girl and I last night. THANK YOU again.
Youngstown , Ohio
United States

Doug 11/30/2017
Living in Lake Geneva and recently reading insane throttle I was interested to see if I could meet blackjack. the other day I see a Iron Order member pull into a local gas station And to my surprise it was blackjack. He was just like the interview straightforward and a very no-nonsense guy. I have to admit if he's the type of member your Club has you now have a supporter for life in me. Great guy and very knowledgeable
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
United States

Christopher J Aucoin 11/28/2017
You guys rock. Hopefully I am what you want in a brother. Ride safe.
Lockout, LA
United States

Lisa Kappes 11/27/2017
I just wanted to thank the PA/ Reading IOMC Chapter for their ongoing support of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley. They just raised over $1,000 which will help us buy gift cards for parents of children with cancer and their siboings or bereaved parents so they can putchase hioliday gifts. Thank you so very much! With love, Lisa and the famillies, staff and board of the Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley.
Allentown, PA
United States

Paul zerovnik 11/27/2017
Looks like a solid mc, stay strong stay good.
Lancaster, Ohio
United States

Maureen Herpolsheimer 11/26/2017
Just reading some of the things on your site. Found it very interesting. Saw some of your members on the road. Loved the bikes.
North Charleston, South Carolina
United States

Jeanie & Steve Kelly 11/25/2017
Thank you to the Boise Idaho chapter for sponsoring my family for thanksgiving. We can not thank you all enough for what you guys and ladies did for our family. Y'all are awesome.
Boise, Idaho
United States

Brendan French 11/25/2017
Nice to see that there are people out there that think the way I do. I have been looking for a group of honourable people/riders to land with for a long time. I believe in the value of being strong without needing to hurt people in the process. I believe that in being strong, you are able to use it to positively affect the lives of those around you. Plus it's fun to have a good time with your bros!!!
Regina, Saskatchewan

Brian Bursch 11/23/2017
Ride On, Happy Thanksgiving!
Golden Valley, Minnesota
United States

Walter Phipps 11/16/2017
Youngest son was a prospect with the Marianna, FL chapter and could not have been more proud. Unfortunately he was killed in an accident this past July. During his memorial service, I had the privilege of meeting some of the members. and we were treated with absolute respect, and nothing bu kind words were spoken about my son. Many thanks to the members of the chapter that made it to the memorial service, and for making my son's family feel like their family.
Currie, NC
United States

Greg Bramley 11/15/2017
Impressed with what you have stated. I think at the age of 62 to old to prospect and patch in. will be by to check it out
huntersville, NC
United States

Steve Cummings 11/13/2017
I'm old and not easily impressed
Stay tight
Close family is hard to find
Toronto , ontario

Rob Lawrence 11/12/2017
Been reading Insane Throttle,and got completely the wrong impression of your club,,after now reading your information of what your club stands for and it's values ,I'm more than impressed with IOMC
Playa Flamenca .Alicante, Orihuela Costa

Shawn 11/10/2017
Looking forward to meeting some new family in Ft. Riley, KS soon. Could use good people to ride with.
St. Louis, MO
United States


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