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Monday, May 29, 2017


Thank you for your interest in the Iron Order MC.  Please use the CONTACT US page if you are inquiring about membership or have a question.  Otherwise please fill out the form below and click submit.  Please note that your entry will not be immediately visible.  All entries are moderated for appropriate content.  

Iron Order MC International

DavidE 5/29/2017
I'd like to thank the IOMC Skeleton Krew of Washington, NC for providing drinking water at the City's Memorial Day event. Many partook and were appreciative.
Washington, NC
United States

Lynn Myers (Blu) 5/28/2017
I want to thank all of my brothers for all the love and support that I had received when prospect Nathan passed away, he loved you all and love the club. I will be back at Nationals again at Nationals to do him proud and all of you proud. We love you all. And thank you.
Lynn Myers AKA Blu. ??
Pulaski, Wisconsin
United States

Terry dodson 5/27/2017
Just wanted to say hello hope see u guys around would like to speak to few members I like the way you carry yourself
Take care brothers
Whitesburg , Ga
United States

Doug Ridgley 5/11/2017
I like what you guys stand for and wish there was a chapter in California's Mother Lode in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
Groveland, California
United States

Vlasis Panesis 5/9/2017
Hello patch holders/full patches and fellow prospects. Im prospect vlasis and I just wanted to say that im very much thrilled to have been chosen by the IOMC to allow me to prospect after a long hang around period where I got to see what IOMC is really about and absolutely want to be a part of what I see to be the best MC in the world. Cheers to you all and safe riding.
United States

Jay Pepper 5/2/2017
Your chapter in Michigan should be proud for there work and the donation they presented on Sunday.A young boy Anthony Mastronardi was badly injured playing high school hockey.The Iron Order mc and some of there supporters walked out to centre ice in Fraser Michigan hockey rink and handed over a cheque to Anthony and his family.This young man is related to me a cousin.I have been and still am a Harley rider for over 30 years.One of the proudest days I can say I have had in a long time was Sunday.You all should be proud of your Mc.Thanks.

Jay Pepper
Kingsville, Ontario

Frogger 5/2/2017
Brothers please be safe out on the roads. Cages will win everytime. Always be 2 steps ahead of them.
As Always IOFFIO
Swampville, LillyPad
United States

john 4/30/2017
hey i am the president of the iron workers mc of orange county chapter. we would just like to introduce ourselves and would like to support any events you guys might have this year.
newburgh, ny
United States

Sean Jones 4/16/2017
Have been following IOMC for a while. I love everything they stand for. Very interested in the club.
Durant, OK
United States

Donald Anthony Farris 4/13/2017
Love and agree with principals yall stand for would love to meet n ride with yall as i feel we have verry like minded veiws for me riding is about freedom point blank and anyone who rides and rides often has a pashion that can only be met by the tires on the road and a family who shares that pashion would love to meet sum your boys n shake hands
Beach park, Illinois
United States

Neal Bullock, aka "Wolf" 4/12/2017
Just wanted to say sorry to Robo got tied up wasn't able to make it back to talk more with you. I perused your website in-depth and have to agree with the Iron Orders principles, that is what I was trying to convey. we will respect all those whom ride but we are ghosts that wish to do and really not be seen. I do wish to stay in contact with you and learn more from your heart and minds perspective. Keep the rubber down and the asphalt up brother.
Amite , Louisiana
United States

Jay 4/12/2017
I have more RESPECT for IOMC than any 1%er club ! and most other clubs as well. You do your thing and don't bully. Thats cool and class !
Albuquerque, NM
United States

Bryan Green 4/10/2017
just moved here from Michigan looking for a brotherhood to call home I will keep my eyes open for a brother while I am out riding and say hello
vancouver, washington
United States

Crysta 4/2/2017
Wanted to say I am proud of what all y'all stand for. I am the girlfriend of a fallen brother. I am glad he introduced me to a family. I am a full supporter because that is what my boyfriend would want and I love what y'all do.
Clarksville, Tennessee
United States

Josh funk 3/29/2017
Just checking out the club. Seems like a great bunch a guys would love to meet a few of ya and hopefully join the brotherhood
York, Pa
United States

John salers 3/29/2017
Just looking for a place to call home & family
Guntersville , Alabama
United States

Merle/Laurene LaCroix 3/28/2017
Checking it out, may like to join, bike in shop but back in business soon, like your sight
Boyce, Louisiana
United States

Ben Bruce 3/27/2017
Just checking out the website, heard about the Iron Order on the LAB podcast. Looking forward to getting more info on the Iron Order!!
Russiaville, Indiana
United States

Robert Wasyliw 3/21/2017
Hi Brothers and Sisters it is awesome to see the events that you all have been supporting I can almost feel the brotherhood in the photos

Cheers Bob
Ottawa, Ontario

Stephen Ashley 2/27/2017
I want to say thank you to the cullman Alabama chapter for allowing me to prospect and the brotherhood and family setting i am truly blessed to find them
Cullman, AL
United States


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