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Monday, September 25, 2017


    Please use the form below to sign the tribute for Corey "Lurch" Lynn.  You can use this guestbook to pay your last respects to our lost Brother.  Please note that all entries are moderated for proper content and your comments will not be immediately visible.

    Zohan 8/14/2017
      Miss you brother, be by to share a beer soon.
    Seminole, Florida
    United States

    Cgar 8/17/2016
      You are not forgotten. RIP Brother
    Fayetteville, North Carolina
    United States

    Bunker 3/9/2016
      We stand shoulder to shoulder, side by side
    Brothers by choice and with more than a shake of a hand
    Condemned for the patch that we fly
    Like the desperados of old
    Riding free and being bold
    From long hair to leather to the iron on our side
    From our steeds of gears and steel
    The wind is what we long to feel
    Brothers protecting each other
    Brothers not by kin but brothers by choice of one another.

    Your Chapter remembers you every day and every day you ride with us Brother. We love you
    Davenport , Florida
    United States

    Cgar1 10/19/2015
      Brother, you've been gone for two years, but you still loved and missed. GBNF!
    Fayetteville, North Carolina
    United States

    Prospect John Faulkner 1/26/2015
      RIP L&R
    Belle Fourche, South Dakota
    United States

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