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"And they shall gather in a circle, wrought of iron, forged from the spirit of their souls.  In times past, many great warriors gathered together to form an Order that would change the face of the world as it was known.  They gathered not for glory or greed, but to a fellowship for the betterment of all mankind.  It was their spirit that would shape the face of the future paving a roadway for the generations that would follow."  - Richard the Lionheart


The Longhorn Crew Chapter of the IRON ORDER MOTORCYCLE CLUB (IOMC) was formed by a group of like-minded men committed to brotherhood, family, community and patriotism, with a passion for riding motorcycles.

The IOMC is an Independent, Non-Territorial, Motorcycle Club consisting of members from all walks of life. We respect clubs that respect us. As an MC, we mind our own business and expect others to do the same. We are not "1%ers", but we run our club by the very same MC rules established over 50 years ago by the first motorcycle clubs. We've quietly become one of the largest MC's with chapters all over the U.S. and other countries--with a strong brotherhood between us all. Come find out why.

The Longhorn Crew Chapter of the IOMC welcomes any motorcycle rider to consider membership. Participation in our MC is considered a privilege; Becoming a member is an honor. Our brothers are law abiding bikers who participate in regular club rides, community functions, monthly meetings... and we like to have a good time! Our invitation includes participating in several rides and chapter events. This involvement allows us an opportunity to get to know you better, understand your reasons in wanting membership in our MC, and if we are the motorcycle club for you.

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The Longhorn Crew recently patched-in Two-Tone! Two-Tone worked hard to earn full membership in the IOMC and respect of the brotherhood. His Patch-In Party was definitely one for the books. (Pictures are posted HERE!) We couldn't be happier for you, Two-Tone!! Congrats, Brother!!

 We recently participated in the Big Texas Toy Run. (Pictures are Posted HERE!) TheToy Run raised over $450,000 in toys and a little over $108,000 in money for local charities, and roughly 6,000 bikes total participated. It was a great time and an excellent cause, and this event will become a tradition for our Chapter for sure! Click HERE to see some of the videos posted from participants. (Clicking the video link will take you away from the IOMC website.)




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